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While the young powerlifter may be the best if not one of the best in the field, she recently said that the financial cost of keeping her fit figure is catching up with her.Training daily and traveling to competitions has left Nataliya without much money left.The bodybuilder says that she is able to perform well and stay in perfect shape even without using, but she insists that the steroids help give her a special edge during the competitions.The world champion is lucky, because none of the competitions she competes in currently require taking a test to check for usage.It is surprising that even an accomplished, world champion athlete like Nataliya can get hurt by the haters out there.Due to her extremely rare physique, the young powerlifter has managed to go viral. For the bodybuilder, training at the gym is a huge passion of hers and she doesn’t really care about being famous.Not only is she humungous, she is able to deadlift 529 lbs and bench press 374 lbs. Nataliya spoke about her quick success in powerlifting, “Just a few months after I started exercising, I performed at regional competitions and I liked it very much. The 26-year-old has dedicated her life to this sport.

She created a closed group on Facebook where she promotes all of her ‘products.’ Although powerlifting is not popular for females in Russia, Nataliya does have one famous protege under her wing.

She also holds the title as the European bench press and deadlift champion. However, although Nataliya is confident of her figure and proud of her achievements (as she should be! In an interview with Pro Secrets, she said that while in real life, no one would ever approach her to make fun of her or insult her, the internet is a different story.

Unfortunately, there are a lot of cyber bullies, who criticize her body and lifestyle.

Although she has dedicated a lot of time and hard work to get to where she is, she still calls it a hobby.

“Hobbies should be fun, if not, what good is a pastime.” Nataliya admitted that at one point she thought about trying growth hormones, peptides and even insulin, but she made a decision that they weren’t for her.

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