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Too often, though venting (which is not very difficult) is overlooked until a problem develops. These leading metal and die casting suppliers provided their expertise: Palmer Manufacturing & Supply, Acetarc, ASI International, Viridis3D, The Schaefer Group, EMI Inc., Klein Palmer, New England Foundry Technologies, Industrial Innovations, HA International, Finite Solutions, Armoloy of Ohio, North Star Products, Hoosier Pattern, and Molten Metal Equipment Innovations.

For any questions regarding MAUS equipment, service and parts, please go directly to them. We are hiring, expanding our international reach, purchasing companies to enhance our in-house capabilities, and aggressively developing innovative and patented new products especially in regards to reclamation, core making, and automated molding.The bottom pour mechanism is similar to a conventional manually operated unit, with a guided slide bar raising the stopper rod assembly to commence pouring.However the Safe-pour system, instead of a manually operated lever, uses a cylinder to raise the slide bar.Environmental compliance, personnel issues, government regulations, equipment problems, tooling issues, etc., can make for some pretty long days.The type, size, or complexity of work varies from day to day, week to week, or month to month.

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