Rejected again dating

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You can barely breathe while you are looking at this incredibly beautiful woman. Your throat feels as if you have swallowed a hand full of dirt.If you really want to become a successful seducer there is no way around that.As soon as you approach the first girl you risk being rejected by her.Maybe her boyfriend broke up with her and she promised herself to never talk to a man again.Maybe she had a terrible day at work where she was bullied by one of her coworkers.Knowing what to do and what not to do and understanding the reasons why you are getting rejected by women can help you immensely to cut your rejection rate by at least 50%.Some of the reasons are directly related to you and to your behavior and the way you present yourself and others don’t have anything to do with you in particular.

Attraction is not a choice and if her subconscious mind tells her that you are not a good match for her, there is not a lot you can do to change that. Even though I have built some muscle by hitting the gym, I am a very skinny guy with blond hair and white skin. A girl who is that focused on a specific type of men will reject me before I even finish my first sentence.If she, however, is in a relationship with a man she truly loves, there is absolutely nothing you can do to overcome this barrier.No “ or NLP pattern on this planet will make her jump in bed with you when she is really in love with another man.Sometimes you have the misfortune to hit on a girl who has a really bad day and who just wants to hide under her blanket.I know that it sounds brutal, but talking to you might be the last thing on earth she wants to do.

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