Rare books dating christian man dating a jewish woman

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There are thousands of Bibles from the 1700s and 1800s that can be bought for under .00.

The condition of your book plays a big role in its value.

The most valuable books are those closest to their original condition.

If you can find a rare book in mint condition, crisp, unopened or uncut, those books tend to be a lot more valuable than those in poor condition, such as books that have broken spines or have writing on the pages.

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The following is a sampling of these books: You may also be interested in this printable checklist of the top 50 rare and valuable books.

One of the main exceptions to this rule is if the book was owned by someone famous who wrote in the margins of the book.

Some things that might make a book rare include: The best way to find the rare book values for books you already own is to do some searching online to see what the going rate is for the book you have.

If you're not sure how to rate the condition of your book, there are industry standards to help you figure out if your book is in good condition or fair condition.

The absolute best way to find out the value of your particular book is to find a rare book appraiser who can look at your book in person and determine its value.

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