Problems updating windows xp service pack 3

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If you decide NOT to install the Windows XP Service Pack 1 update then you MUST read the end of this article for important information regarding some security flaws in Windows XP that MUST be plugged.In the words of Jim Allchin, Group Vice president for the platforms products group at Microsoft: "Microsoft is always focused on improving the reliability and security of Windows for our customers, and Windows XP service pack 1 is the latest delivery on our commitment to those customers...

The aim of this article is to cover the contents of this service pack for XP.

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### IMPORTANT UPDATE - 3rd February 2003 ### Microsoft have now released Windows XP Service Pack 1a...

Messenger For XP Windows XP service pack 1 also includes an update to the extremely popular Windows Messenger client.

However the version 4.7 that ships with this service pack has been updated since its release and version 5.0 is now available as a download via the Microsoft main website.

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