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"Ron: "Stop blaming everything on that cutie-patootie, you cockroaches!

Each year, I find myself reflecting on the progress we have made on financial inclusion, but also on the challenges ahead and how we as CGAP can contribute towards tackling them.

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Jen topples over.]Caitlin: "Ooh, that's what the kiss felt like! And she is pretty great."Jude: "Love works in mysterious ways, bro."Jade: [singsong] "Jonesy, I'm beating your high score."Jonesy: [grabbing another game system] "No one beats me at Zombie Zebras." [He begins playing.]Wyatt: "Hello? "Jonesy: "The zebras, they're–look, bottom line, Caitlin knows you too well. Trust me." [His phone rings, and he answers.] "Nikki?

"Wyatt: "I've never even thought about Caitlin in that way before. " [Nikki says something to Jonesy.]Jonesy: [lowering his phone] "Busted. " [Jen runs through the mall with a smile on her lips.

"Jonesy: "True."Jade: [holding up a game] "Jonesy, look, I'm on the bonus level!

Great pick too." [to Jonesy] "They've been your favorite band since, what, Grade 4? Jonesy first heard Modern Currant the summer after Grade 5.

Jade hands Jonesy a CD.]Jonesy: "Modern Currant's new CD? "Nikki: "Uh, hate to break it to ya, Jade, but Jonesy's taken."Jade: [irritated] "It's just a gift."Nikki: "Oh, sure, no, of course.

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