Predating christian philosophy

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If there were no other people, God would not have had to give him a mark in the first place, and Cain would not have had anything to fear.Cain’s wife Cain goes out from God’s presence and finds a wife, and impregnates her: The text implies that Cain had to find his wife, an act that could only happen if there were people to choose from.

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And as is the case for a number of biblical characters, names denote a specific meaning.Assuming that we can trust this tradition, it is more likely that Cain came upon a village, a town, or some settlement which already existed. We then read that Cain was himself “building a city,” which, given the times, would have probably been a small settlement of sorts.But then why would Cain build a settlement if it was only him, his wife, and son?The point being that the early Genesis creation narrative is rife with literary devices and tools.To this end it is not always so easy to determine what constitutes actual history, what is conveyed as history but denotes something else, what is merely theological, or what is merely creative writing serving some theological purpose.

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