Pre recorded webcams

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Without recruiters, employers would miss out on top talent and potential high-impact hires.We don’t want our technology to remove that from the process; we want to make your job easier so that you can place more candidates.Video technology is not a program that will automate humans out of the recruiting process.Instead, it’s a tool that will help you do your job better and more efficiently.Even though not all webcams will provide the quality of a professional video set, the quality will be clear enough to be able to communicate effectively and have an enjoyable experience.This means as long as candidates prepare like they would for an in-person interview, the experience will be comparable.Here is the truth about three common myths we hear about pre-recorded video recruiting: Truth: Recruiters are professional judges of character.Video technology, when used correctly, keeps them in the driver’s seat of screening and hiring.

Live video conferencing is a powerful way to connect to people around the world without the hassle of travelling.With pre-recorded interviews, you don’t have to set an appointment with a candidate.This makes it more convenient for the candidate who can take the video interview at the best time for them instead of during a lunch break or other time during the workday.Interview Stream offers both live and pre-recorded video as tools to help recruiters do their job more effectively.Each format has its own advantages and best use-cases.

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