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Yes, of course it rains a lot in Wales, but the Welsh are a rugged bunch and keen to show off their ability to remain positive, even in the wettest and wildest of conditions.

Be careful what you say to your Welsh date; there are only three million people in the contry and everyone knows everyone in their town/city.

Even if they secretly like the cheekiness of their date, they won’t be seen to be made a fool of, especially in front of their family. For the Welsh, being casual about new relationships is extremely important because they know almost everyone they know will know the person they are dating, and have an opinion on it.

No one wants to look like a plonker when/if it all goes wrong.

they are hot, don't want commitment, don't want to be pregnant and are fun to be with just for fun sake. But if that angers some people it is because it is the truth.

those are literally the only women i'll ever chat with and i know there is no future there so i feel fine with it.

You see, part of being Welsh is being a cheeky, happy-go-lucky chappy.

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Whether it’s taking a dog for a walk at the beach or hiking through waterfalls and rivers, Welsh men and women are equally as passionate about living the outdoor lifestyle.You may think Dave Davies is a total bafoon, but it’s highly likely that he’s part of your date’s friendship group, or worse yet, family – be careful what you say.Don’t expect to find your Mr Darcy in Wales, it’s not going to happen.It’s by no means the hardest place to find love, but there are few unspoken rules and quirks that you need to know about before getting yourself involved with a Welsh man or woman.The Welsh are incredibly close to their families and it’s important that you impress your love interest’s parents and siblings as much as it is to impress them.

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