Place for dating in delhi

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Haveli Dharampura is a great option for those who still like it fancy, but the street offerings are still unparalleled.You could also sign up for a food or heritage walk if you aren’t familiar with the area.With the summer sun scorching its way through most part of the year, plan your trip to Delhi anywhere between November and March.According to a new special report published by Deutsche Bank, New Delhi is one of the cheapest cities in the world for a date.

***THE MONUMENT TRAILThere is something so very romantic about Delhi monuments, and while ‘basic’ couples would choose to visit one and spend a day there, we suggest you plan a trail for your beloved.

It is also a favourite place frequented by students and couples, so be prepared for a lot of love in the air!

Time travel with your partner in the well-manicured greens of the Lodhi Gardens.

This open air auditorium on the JNU Campus is a rocky area with lots of hills.

Perch yourselves on one of these and watch the sun go down – easily one of the best sunset spots in the city.

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