Phpbb updating styles 3 0 6

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The Knowledge Base consists of a number of detailed articles on some common issues php BB users may encounter while using the product.The Knowledge Base can be found at: https:// The php BB project maintains a thriving community where a number of people have generously decided to donate their time to help support users.You may also need to reload the page you have changed in your web browser to overcome browser caching.If the cache is not purged, you will not see your changes taking effect.Installation, update and conversion instructions can be found in the INSTALL document in this directory.If you are intending on converting from a php BB 2.0.x or 3.0.x installation we highly recommend that you backup any existing data before proceeding!

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phpbb updating styles 3 0 6-33

For this reason, if you create your own style or modify existing ones, please remember to purge the board cache by clicking the option in the index page of the Administration Control Panel.If you need help or advice with php BB, please see Section 3 below.A number of language packs with included style localisations are available.This site can be found at: https:// If you do seek help via our forums please be sure to do a search before posting; if someone has experienced the issue before, then you may find that your question has already been answered.Please remember that php BB is entirely staffed by volunteers, no one receives any compensation for the time they give, including moderators as well as developers; please be respectful and mindful when awaiting responses and receiving support.

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