Persuasive speech on online dating

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Rapid improvement in communication technologies and the expansion of their practical uses continue unabated.Today, of course, we are no longer tethered to telegraph or telephone wires for conversation.But the triumph wrought by these technologies was not merely practical.

Modern philosophers of technology have studied the ethical quandaries posed by communication technologies — questioning whether our view of new technologies as simply means to generally positive ends is naïve, and encouraging us to consider whether our many devices have effected subtle transformations on our natures.Within a decade of the invention of the telephone, for example, we had designed a way to wiretap and listen in on the private conversations flourishing there.And with the Internet, we can create new or false identities for ourselves, mixing real life and personal fantasy in unpredictable ways.But too little consideration has been given to the question of how our use of these technologies influences our emotions.Do certain methods of communication flatten emotional appeals, promote immediacy rather than thoughtful reflection, and encourage accessibility and transparency at the expense of necessary boundaries?

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