Penthouse buys christian dating

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But the porn business has always suffered from a market discount, as distaste thins the ranks of willing investors.Friend Finder's troubles with the Federal Trade Commission, promised by CEO Marc Bell last year to happen sometime in 2008.The Christian dating site has been operated by social networking giant Various, Inc.(which runs Adult Friend, and for years.In this way, unwitting Christians make it easy for guys like Bill to make a lot of extra money.The porn industry regularly snatches up expired religious domains…I’m told that many prefer religious domains, as many pornographers are strongly anti-religious. The newest of these kinds of trickery has been to create “Christian” websites that simply use believers for their money, purporting to espouse the kind of values that Christians prefer.It's the corporate version of the Question of Our Age: "What if my day job learns about my sex blog? The price actually seems low, considering Various's projected revenues this year of 0 million.

They’re devoted, I’m sure, to helping Christians find dates.Big Church says it has a mere half-million members, while Adult Friend Finder alone claims about 24 million.Given that Penthouse Media Group owns all of the Friend Finder and Spring Street Networks sites, as well as the legendary and several webcam networks, it's hard to see how losing one small property would make much of a dent.But it provides the anticipation of sex, the possibility of sex, the idea that you Social networking promises a new experience each time.And free porn can only be an advantage in an adults-only social networking context. If customers find themselves flirting and even cybering on a regular basis, they return again and again, paying for premium memberships until disillusionment sets in ().

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