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Greetings fellow writers :) Young/ish female seeking sophisticated literary companionship (nothing funny - I prefer sarcasm over romance).

I've recently made peace with the fact that I'm an 'old soul' - unfortunately this tends to result in life being a little bit of a spectator sport. I will not respond to people who cannot be bothered to state interests or hobbies. I am a retired guy living in a small village in south west UK.

I'm looking for a pen pal from anywhere in the world which could turn into friendship or possibly even more in the future.

I want someone who is serious about this and not just write one letter.

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I have had only one experience but it has changed me, probably forever.Note: After fending off large numbers of men pretending to be women, I am now asking for immediate voice proof that you are genuinely female.If you are unwilling or, more likely, unable to send a CLEAR voice recording with your initial message, DON'T SEND THE MESSAGE.. I am Sandra by name, a 42 years old female from Bavaria/Germany.It's too much to hope to find a partner but perhaps it might be possible to email with other women in my situation - someone who feels similarly trapped and who might want to exchange thoughts both about day-to-day matters and the occasional naughty daydream.Only those whose native language is English and who can write well and clearly, please.

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