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This is my first time to watch a korean drama and I love to watch him. Excellent in every drama he acts , the last drama i've seen is Hwarang , He was so impressive in this drama , i don't know why it gets low ratings !!! good luck for you Park Seo-Joon :) He is good talented actor, tries his best in what he loves to do "acting". Like w for jong suk, Dots for joog he will be sure to get so many awords with real talent. I really hope, people would give him more credit & recognition than any of his male co-actors in "Hwarang" because he truly deserve it. Amazing work from him, from all his dramas, I will continue to watch all his dramas that he will be featured in as he is brings content to all. I first noticed Seo Joon in `Kill me Hill me` and said like `mmm, he is nice`. Park Seo Joon definitely is pulling me to watch all his dramas. watche she was pretty and what's wrong with secretary kim I lovedwhat's wrong with secretary kim. He is really a good actor, a singer, he is so handsome and he got a great personality that can capture everyones heart ❤ I just love everything about him. he gets along with Running Man members as well .... Park Seo Joon stands out from the rest of actors because physically, he is a clean-cut guy in hairstyle, in fashion, and in fitness. I hope to see him in many more dramas in the near future! ^u^ I LOVED his character in One Warm Word and is the reason why I started watching Witch's Romance. I love it when his roles are funny, narcissistic rather than the serious one. All the best with your future endevours Park Seo Joon-shi ... I reallyyyyyyyyyyyyyy fall in love with you so badly. Never in my life i imagined on liking an actor this much lol hope he will proceed on being a professional actor in the future perfect!!! He is tall, handsome and has a good voice for speaking and singing. you are simply amazing actor for me : } : } I do really wish to meet you in person one day just to thank you for doing such a fantastic job in your acting career. In the beginning i don't like park seo joon, i'm sorry hehe But, i tried to watch his new drama 'fight for my way', and my mind say that park seo joon acting is soo goodddd and her expression when he act is so priceless to me:)) In a different way, he's very charming too omg^^ Definitely a phenomenal actor! Known for his roles in dramas such as “Kill Me, Heal Me”, “She Was Pretty” to the more recent “What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim”, Seo Joon has been under numerous plastic surgery speculations because of his handsome appeals.Now there’s no denying that he has talent and literally every Korean drama fans know that he can act, but the main question on most people’s mind is…Park ever have beauty enhancements?

But, as said ARMY, I couldn`t see any chemistry neither between Ara and Seo Joon nor between Ara and Hyung Sik. Hope u'll always feel the warmth in the location and also in ur heart. I bet im not the only one who tells u this, i think u have lot potential. Congratulations on your newly finished drama series, "She Was Pretty" You did a very good job. i watched KMHM and it's kinda strange when he and jung eum been pairing as a lovely siblings, eventho he has one sided love.. omoo after each episodes was airing, the chemistry between them really strong, just too strong.. i think his face is different from mostly korean actor. Oh my god I think whenever they had a scene together he would make it unbelievably cute. His smile with a cute dimple that could melt you down..

This was another successful year for Seo Joon where he won the Fabulous Awards at the Asia Artist Awards (AAA) 2017 event.

So far, we have yet to notice any signs of rhinoplasty, so we doubt there’s been any work done to his nose.

He looks more charming in a funny role :) Seo-joon you made a lot of fans happy on your tv series She's Pretty. best actor, i was really attached the moment you act in every way specially in fight for my way, very fashionable even in simple way of his dress and his body jaw drop!!!! He continues to improve in his acting and can now compete in the best actor level, shown by his facial expressions and body moves. I love your roles in hwarang and she was pretty, wow! Forever a Fan of yours : } : ) Oppa , i really enjoy watching you in ffmw . He is quite quirky and different/unique in his own way - acting.

Though the show had been shown in the Phils this year, it was worth all the wait. Love yah hello, Park Seo Joon ♡ i love you so much, oppa. He is always down-to-earth and is kind to his fans even without publicity. His latest,"Fight For My Way" is a fresh approach to romantic comedies and with Kim Ji Won he has found chemistry with a first-time lead actress. Everything about you is so well perfect .acting.skills .. love you so much .you will keep your good work in the future ..wait to see you in more dramas and films... You're really my favorite korean actor, i have read your profile, being an actor, singer and host plus with your neat looks. It's hard to tell whether you and jiwon unni really back there in the drama because you guys have a great chemistry . I think he brought himself up and finally got into the spotlight/main lead, which is amazing! Seo Joon acting was great in Kill me Heal Me and I am definitely loving the new drama "Fight My Way". Love the new drama as it focuses more on character development, plot, and moral of the story - common lifestyle, hardships, friendships, relationships, etc.

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