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The dating site provides many features common to other popular online dating platforms: it allows users to set up a profile, browse the profiles of potential mates, be browsed by the potential mates, and send and receive messages.

This study is based on a complete anonymized dataset extracted in 2011 from a large online dating site in China for only heterosexual users.

Although the research on mate choice, both offline and online, has been extended to many fields, the following problems still exist: (i) online dating sites are a special kind of social networking sites, but the most previous researches focus only on the users’ demographic attributes, and have not considered users’ network centrality in dating sites, which can be potential important factors associated with users’ mate selection; (ii) most studies focus on male and female preferences in mate choice, but they do not properly examine the compatibility of the two parties’ preferences; (iii) with the advent of big data era, the methods of machine learning, such as ensemble learning, have been widely applied to diverse fields to achieve good prediction performance.

However, most of the existing literature still only uses the econometric methods to study users’ mate choice.

In other words, men tend to seek young and physically attractive women, while women pay more attention to men’s socio-economic status [].

In fact, analyzing gender differences of online identity reconstruction in an online social network revealed that men value personal achievements more while women value physical attractiveness more [].

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