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Indeed, Orkut has made Portugese a second language in its interface. S., where the service is domiciled, nobody’s even heard of Orkut.

And there’s no good reason why.” While My Space and Facebook currently rule the popular crowd on the Internet social scene, Fader says the forces that make a hot site are difficult to quantify; any site could become the next outcast.

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I don’t think anyone can come up with a genuine reason why they have become so popular, outside of 20-20 hindsight.” Echoing that point, an article in the April 30 New York Times reports that AOL plans to launch a social networking site to be called AIM Pages as a competitor to My Space, Yahoo360 and other such services.Late last year, it slipped below a million after My Space and other sites with better music and video capability lured Friendster users away. How many have disappeared completely or find themselves in some strange little unexplainable niche?” He points to Orkut, an invitation-only service introduced by Google in 2004 that is little known in the United States, but wildly popular in Brazil, where more than 70% of its users are based.An online directory that connects people through social networks at colleges and universities, high schools, or workplace.People with a valid email address from a supported college, high school, or company can register for Facebook and create a profile to share information, photos, and interests with their friends.

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