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You don’t need to be a die-hard naturist to enjoy a nude swim now and then - and luckily lots of hotels across Europe are relaxed about guests wearing their ‘birthday suits’ in public areas.

“I’m a bottom usually, but I do whatever,” states Kurt. More on Sean Jeroen is getting Yoga lessons today from our Belgian friend Damon Heart. Since their impromptu threesome, Quin Quire hasn’t seen much of Alex Tanner lately, but when he finally tracks him down, he notices Alex is wearing a pair of fuck me shorts that just scream for attention.

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The site now has over 590 models and in excess of 735 shoots of fit and sexy young men … let’s hope we get to see a lot more of this insatiable, sexy, naked man.

Yuri is Polish and when he turned 20yo he decided to explore the world.

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