Nigerian community dating site

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Flirt Naija empowers singles to seek dates within their neighborhoods or reach out to other countries in search of the right partner.

The team behind Flirt Naija has put a lot of love and care into the dating site, and it shows in the user experience.

The world is wide, and today’s singles no longer have to limit themselves to only dating people in their immediate vicinity.

The site offers private messaging as well as online forums and user blogs where men and women can get to know one another.The site’s privacy policy states that it only uses personal information (names, email addresses, etc.) to fulfill basic requests submitted by the users.The site may share this data with government agencies or companies assisting with fraud prevention.It takes less than 10 minutes to complete a profile and search for matches.Users are required to submit at least one photo of themselves, but they can mingle under an assumed name to maintain their online privacy.

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