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There's something nice about taking the time to write a letter, though, and about getting to know someone through their words.

Communicating through letters can turn into a romantic connection, or just be a different kind of friend.

Also consider googling their first and last name followed by the words “wedding registry” because it’s just nice to know what’s up.

It’s easy for things to feel good when things good, but if everything falls apart when life gets hard, that is a bad, bad sign.

But I let it go because he was otherwise so polite, installing blinds for me and coming to the door when he picked me up for dinner.

All those things were code for spending time with his secret wife, baby, and revoked my proposal of his membership to Soho House so he couldn’t get in.

Never wondered when I was going to hear from him, he was so, so nice to me, was smart, driven, and an all around great person.

It’s ok to break up with the “nice guy” if it doesn’t feel right.

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Because now you didn’t have a great time, put on makeup for no reason, missed the newest episode of your favorite show, and your dishes aren’t done.

Find happiness on your own before trying to meet someone.

It might seem cliché, but take a class, plan a trip, and spend time with friends.

If days go by without a text and he’s not an astronaut (and even then there’s Facebook or email) it’s probably code for he’s just not that into you.

That doesn’t mean there won’t be things that come up because nothing is perfect, but it should all feel pretty easy.

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