Move storage group validating destination file paths

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In this case, I'm not sure "garbage in garbage out" applies.

I read extensively on moving transaction logs, and not once did I see anything that identified an inactive transaction log file by the length and makeup of its name.

I doubt your log files transition actually hanged, if it was dealing with 53GB of data then it probably would take an hour or more; of course I could be completely wrong.

I never saw anything saying "an inactive log file will be named in this format".

And the complete content library has been moved, in this case from the C drive to F. SMS the Content Library will not copy the content library to this drive.

It was ridiculously easy to move the files once I knew I could, but everywhere I looked had major warnings about deleting files manually, and all of them discussed a very convoluted useage of ESUTIL...which is a *very* dangerous utility to fool around with.Select your mailbox database and click move mailbox database in your action pane on the right hand side (you will need to dismount the database first).After the move the suggestion was to delete the old store.If you restart the Hyper-V host, the virtual machines start responding but replication configuration will not be complete and no replication will occur.This behavior occurs when you are using attach svhdxflt to bypass the requirement for the Hyper-V host running a CSV.

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