Medidating launch lecture

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Rather than get all heady about what went wrong in the past, let’s focus on what you can change today.Outlined below are key principles that will help guide you to release fear in romance and cultivate more love in your life: There are “no chance encounters.” All encounters offer us the opportunity to transform fear to love and create a miracle.Let’s face it, though romantic relationships can be wonderful—sometimes they are totally nightmarish.

The special love relationship is exclusive, and it makes that one person better than you and everyone else. It convinces you that you can’t live without this “special” partner, which is the root cause of codependency.

This fear-based thinking leads you to do whatever it takes to make that special person happy so they don’t leave. Romantic relationships are the ego’s playground and, nine times out of ten, our ego will turn the chance of romantic bliss into a freakin’ horrorshow by feeding us illusions.

You become inauthentic and subservient so that you don’t lose your special relationship. The first step toward clearing the ego’s chaotic perception of romance is to become brutally honest about how you dig up the past, future-trip, and make partners special.

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