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Miller delayed reporting his findings until he contacted James M.

Adovasio, who led the first excavations of the site in 1973 until 1979 by the Cultural Resource Management Program of the University of Pittsburgh.

The Pre-Clovis artifacts from Meadowcroft Rockshelter include a lanceolate point (named the Miller Lanceolate), bifaces, unifaces, prismatic blades, core fragments, and debitage.

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As Goodyear writes: Enough lithic artifacts were recovered to define the Miller complex.Meadowcroft Rockshelter is an archaeological site located near Avella in Jefferson Township, Washington County, Pennsylvania, United States.The site is a rock shelter in a bluff overlooking Cross Creek (a tributary of the Ohio River), and contains evidence that the area may have been continually inhabited for more than 19,000 years.In total, animal remains representing 149 species were excavated.Evidence shows that people gathered smaller game animals as well as plants, such as corn, squash, fruits, nuts and seeds.

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