Matt bomer who is he dating

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To clarify a few things:1) Bomer was first outed when photos of him passionately kissing an ex (IIRC it was White) made their way onto the Web, via still-unknown means.

I believe this happened shortly after "White Collar" premiered.2) Certain DLers have an utterly bizarre fixation on this man, and possibly even more so his partner Simon Halls; as such, all manner of wild rumors are fabricated out of thin air about the two (e.g.

You can see them referenced in this Just Us Boys thread.

Bomer was "outed" by Perez Hilton the weekend after White Collar premiered, probably on Halls's orders, because they've been cosy every since.

Nobody knows when they met, they most likely have been together since 2004, when Bomer left the old boyfriend and reappeared in Los Angeles with a new nose. Bomer had been on Guiding Light and Tru Calling by the time they got together, and had been up for the role of Superman.

If they met in 2004, why didn't they get married during that brief period in California before Proposition 8?

The other one looks a little like Bomer but has blonde hair like Simon. He's an openly gay actor killing it with his work, you should be proud. But entertainment reporters weren't allowed to ask him about his personal life, or they would face the consequences from PMK and later Slate.

His performance in The Normal Heart is EMMY/Golden Globe worthy. The Bomer fans get so pressed over any gossip it's ridiculous. Why don't you practice what you write, and stop denigrating your fellow gay men? We had an entertainment reporter post on here that they wouldn't dare ask Bomer about his personal life.

He's not a bad actor but nothing special, he's pretty but not bright-looking, he's out but being the bottom partner of a relationship with a publicist, husband seen with him everywhere speaking on his behalf, his ass is more famous than his talent, his ass is more expressive than his face. A top publicist would have, at best, a mid-six-figure salary. He's the one that put the baby in the closet.[quote]This is a GOSSIP place.Unfortunately this thread is a perfect example WHY we so rarely get real gossip: you bitches make mountains out of molehills -- e.g.Matt gets a scratch on his face -- why, that MUST mean Simon is a vicious spouse-abuser who beats the shit out of his partner! (At least you're not as looney-tunes as the Fanderson freaks, though.)[quote]Why are you here on a website that states it's gay gossip, news and pointless bitchery if you can't stand any of it? However, what's being posted about Bomer is *none* of the above, but rather the delusional rantings of a small cadre of posters.Probably the oddest part has been Bomer having to spend half the year in NYC filming "White Collar" (while the kids stayed home in L. with Simon and, presumably, a nanny or two), but that's over now.R20 = insane "Bag of Oranges" loonme = DLer, here since '99, gay male, not a "fangurl," and sick & fucking tired of the endless array of unmedicated, mentally ill DLer obsessions with certain gay celebrities (Bomer and Anderson Cooper topping the list, along with Kristen Stewart/Rob Pattinson - thankfully the Jake Gyllenhaal crazies have at least moved on)No, I am Simon Halls's Bag of Oranges.

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