Marriage separation dating rules sri lankan dating

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A well thought out separation can give each spouse a valuable chance to assess their role in the marital problems and to experience how they feel when they are not seeing each other regularly.The very word “trial” is indicative of the temporary nature of the separation.The expectations of our relationship also needs to be better identified. It is to help me explore my basic relationship needs. I realize I will experience the social, economic, and parental stresses.

In this sense, a trial separation can be an important time of seeing clearly whether one or both parties are still motivated to save their marriage.It is similar to when you start a new job and you are on three months “probation” (or trial).The quality of your work during those months of a trial will determine whether or not you are placed on the permanent staff.In the same way, to a large extent what you do during your time of marriage trial separation will determine whether or not there is a future for you as a married couple.Unlike the work situation, however, there are two parties involved and a successful outcome is possible only when both are willing to put in the necessary effort to mend their marriage.

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