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Deep into the crime laden hovels, the girl is taken and John Milton is in pursuit in a high speed chase until he's run off the road, crashes in a high speed chase and ends up with a severe concussion. Faced with enormously overwhelming odds, Milton pursues a local 'Don' to bring the little girl back home to her family. Milton meets up with an old army buddy to listen to some music.

When his friend needs some help, Milton offers his services.

This is when things go wrong, the young girl is kidnapped, several men are killed, and Milton crashes a car trying to follow the kidnappers.

Soon Milton finds many things not adding up, and since he is the type of man who never just lets things go, the action begins!

The first book in the series, The Black Mile, deals with the (real-life but little-known) serial killer who operated in the area during the Blitz. He surfaces in Ciudad Juárez, Mexico, and immediately finds himself drawn into a vicious battle with the narco-gangs that control the borderlands....

The Imposter traces the journey of a criminal family through the period; it has been compared to The Sopranos in austerity London. John Milton hasn't seen Elijah Warriner for three years.

And when a mission to break the local cartel’s grip goes wrong, Isabella Rose, the Angel, finds herself on the wrong side of prison bars.

His friend does private security and is a man short for a job, Milton offers to assist and finds his friend a little lax in security matters and the job goes sideways with a 6 year old girl taken hostage, the daughter of a Judge who is tough on corruption in high level officials and companies.As he recovers at a Group Fifteen safe house, he works out what to do next.He has two objectives: first, he’s going to find the girl.The last time they met, Milton's efforts to keep the boy safe didn't go exactly to plan.Now Elijah is a promising boxer, preparing for the bout that will take him to the big time....

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