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The loss of male labor for military service, the confiscation of livestock and machinery, and having few, if any, slaves meant the yeoman women had to work even harder for less.Unable to provide for their families and assure some measure of independence, many yeomen women withdrew their support for the Confederacy.Sims was a pioneering surgeon who founded the first women's hospital and developed several tools and procedures for gynecology.The reason for the controversy: Sims performed his medical experiments on black female slaves.In a new play called “Behind the Sheet,” playwright Charly Evon Simpson examines the system of slavery that allowed a doctor like Sims to get his medical subjects so cheaply."On one level you have this doctor working to fix a problem that he sees but he's working within the system of slavery.

Finally he met with three slaves eating grapes in a third vineyard. When he returned and discovered what had happened, Reijnier attacked his master in rage. Since his master owned everything he had, including his life, he explained that he could only achieve freedom by escaping that life and thereby depriving his owner of his posses¬sion. In 1709, a Sinhalese slave, Jacob Smit gathered together a group of 45 slaves - including two women and a baby - from farms in and around Stellenbosch. The confession was found to be false when the real culprit was found by chance. In 1761, Julij van Bengal, a 16-year-old slave boy, committed suicide because he was afraid of being flogged. In 1767, Jacob van Malabar was severely whipped by his master for trying to escape and ordered immediately after to get on with the ploughing. Adonis of Ceylon, who had run away from his master two weeks earlier, was one of their leaders. The news of their uprising reached Cape Town and Caledon ordered troops to intercept them. He escaped in September 1736 and went to Han¬glip, He was captured again in 1737. The marchers numbered over three hundred, including women and children and some Khoi. They were intercepted at the Salt River and 326 were captured. Adonis was sentenced to imprisonment on Robben Island. footnotes 6 to 20 of Chapter on "The impossibility of rebellion, pages 97-104). (It was one of two mass slave rebellions) In the years 1724-1737, a number of runaway slaves established a colony at Hanglip. Sentenced to be broken after having eight pieces of flesh pulled out wityh red-hot tongs. REFERENCES TO SLAVES IN COURT AND OTHER RECORDS: (from Nigel Worden, Slavery in Dutch South Africa In 1681, Cupido van Bengal was hung for having sexual relations with his master`s daughter and with another European woman, before and after her marriage, many times. Then, fearing punishment, he ran away and was able to hide in the hills for eight years before he was captured and hanged. After threatening to kill his master`s family, he was finally overcome before he could stab himself. They managed to steal some guns to hunt for food and went towards the Khosa area to escape.

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