Lillian garcia dating

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When she returned in 2011, WWE billed her from Los Angeles, California since she lived near there.

WWE now bills Garcia from her birthplace of Madrid, Spain.

WWE does not bill Garcia’s weight, nor has she made it public.

Billed from: During Lilian Garcia’s first tenure in WWE (1999 through 2009), the company billed her from New York City, which is where she was living at the time.

During a June 2015 interview with the syndicated hot talk radio show , she revealed her feelings on the subject.

WWE does not bill Garcia’s height, nor has she made it public.

Weight: Lilian Garcia’s estimated weight is 110 pounds.

She tried to sue the newspaper, but could not prove libel.

“I knew that I would have won if it wasn’t for the scandal,” Garcia said, who credits pageants for their ability to boost self-confidence.

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