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One of the most devastating parts of the end of love is the illogic of it.

(Answer: Yes, probably inside of some gorgeous art history Ph D named Karen who is skinnier than you.) I didn't so much mourn our relationship as enter Civil War widowhood over it.Even when I was safely ensconced in new, blissfully tumultuous non-relationships, imagining him partnered or otherwise happy without me invariably sent me into fits of baroque Ephronian turmoil. One day, I realized that I hadn't thought of him in a really long time. It was kind of like how I imagine waking up from a tropical fever must feel, but the kind that makes you listen to a lot of Stevie Nicks while drinking wine from a jug.But I wondered how he was, whether to get in touch with him or just be content that the mention of his name suddenly had no adverse effect on my blood pressure.So if your partner unexpectedly calls you "poo bear," it might mean they need a little break from the big kid stuff. Even when parents are talking to actual babies, the baby talk benefits the adult because it allows them to see the baby as someone they need to protect, and this creates intimacy.Similarly, in romantic relationships, the person speaking like a baby develops warm feelings by doting on their partner.

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