Jon voight dating

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' It was so sweet." Jolie also played Voight's daughter in reports that Voight spilled the beans at a pre-Oscar party about how excited he was to be a grandfather and that the adoption was happening, which took the couple by surprise, because they hadn't wanted to announce the news until Cambodian and United States officials finalized the adoption. During the interview, he alleged that Jolie had "mental problems" dating back to childhood and urged her fans and handlers to make sure that she got help in the wake of her split from Billy Bob Thornton.He also alleged that he had not been allowed to see Jolie's adopted son, Maddox.In July 2006, six weeks after Shiloh's birth, he told spread with Pitt and Shiloh]. And no, [Jolie and I] haven't spoken…I don't, I didn't have any communication with her." This was confirmed in 2006 when he flubbed granddaughter Zahara Marley Jolie-Pitt's name, calling her "Shakira." Ouch!

And my daughter to my left put her hand on my arm and said, 'Don't worry Dad, you're wonderful!The interview obviously struck a nerve with Jolie, who said in a statement, "I don't want to make public the reasons for my bad relationship with my father.I will only say that like every child, Jamie [Haven] and I would have loved to have had a warm and loving relationship with our dad."Angie and James moved to New York near where Al lived." Unfortunately, the romance was short-lived."Jon went out of his way to ruin that relationship," Rundle said.

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