Jon mclaughlin dating

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It has an unusual 11/8 time signature and featured on Mc Laughlin's 1969 album ‘Extrapolation’.

Mc Laughlin states in the liner notes “this is dedicated to Binky Mc Kenzie, one of the greatest bass players." During this period Mc Kenzie was dating Anne Fraser, sister of Andy Fraser who went on to become the bass player and songwriter with the group Free.

His work evolves from his deep interest and knowledge of Sesshu Toyo, a 15th Century Japanese artist and Zen monk, whose approach to ink painting introduced the concept of “emptiness” or the “marvelous void” into Japanese painting.

Sesshu was deeply influential to Mc Laughlin in determining the use of rectilinear space as a “neutral structure” in his own hard-edge paintings.

His sister, Candy Mc Kenzie, went on to have a successful music career as a backing singer and recorded with a number of artistes including Bob Marley, Leonard Cohen, Whitney Houston and Diana Ross.

In late 1966 Mc Kenzie joined Hughie Flint as a member Alexis Korner's short lived band Free At Last, replacing Cliff Barton on bass guitar.

His father, Winston Mc Kenzie, was a jazz bass player.On 31 January 1967 at Philips Studios, Marble Arch, London the trio recorded ‘Rosie’.It was released as a single on the Fontana record label in April 1967 (TF 817).He had a bit of a chip on his shoulder, because at the time, black musicians had a hard time of it. When he came out of the ‘nick’ (prison), he was one very, very angry young man indeed.” In 1969 Mc Laughlin also referred to this initial period of incarceration in the liner notes to ‘Extrapolation’, saying at the time he felt that Binky had been “unjustly jailed with his brother Bunny”.The openings were so few, it didn’t matter how good you were. On Thursday 29 July 1971 at the family home in Cricklewood, North West London, Mc Kenzie went on a violent rampage. A police marksman went into the attic with a CS gas gun.

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