Intimidating architecture

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Their biggest market could be in Europe, where diesel is popular and regulations are tightening.So what makes the man most responsible for the popularity of the Hummer SUV want to plug in?

If nimble online competitors peel away even a small fraction of their traditional customers, the effects could be significant for companies like Sherwin-Williams and Benjamin Moore.

“Now people want things when they want them, where they want them, how they want them,” Dan Calkins, Benjamin Moore’s newly named chief executive officer, said in a recent interview with AD PRO.

“We have to stay ahead of that to ensure that we are part of the future.”That future, it seems, may be one where the color wheel is smaller, but—for designers and consumers alike— somehow brighter.

Clare, whose founder, Nicole Gibbons, is an interior designer and design blogger, plays the role of virtual color consultant.

As a designer, Gibbons would make color recommendations that clients would readily accept.

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