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He wanted black women to be mad and tried flaunting his marriage with a white woman for years, and it never worked. Cara Meeks Bellezza (@Mariah_Cara) February 28, [email protected] Diggs why can’t you just be content in your misery and self loathing.You don’t like black womenswear but always want to bring us down with you.If you start to fall in love with a white person, You will find yourself having ridiculous conversations inside your head.You will ask yourself thousands of unanswerable questions, like:“Am I attracted to his blond hair and blue eyes because he is handsome, or am I attracted to him because the dominant cultural narrative of anti-blackness has convinced me that those features are attractive?Your black friends, who, although you won’t admit it You will start to think of as your real friends Because they are the only friends you can discuss All of your life with.They are the friends you can discuss your relationship with, The Race Stuff And The Sex Stuff And the Oddly Distant yet Uncomfortably Prying Family Stuff That you don’t know how to discuss with your partner, because you’re“Not even really sure if we’re ‘there’ yet. ”You’ll think of your black friends as part sounding board, part savior.

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“It’s almost like you took a bullet for those guys Because they’re not getting any of that.”Diggs said that there are still Black male celebrities being ridiculed by Black women for dating white women, but it’s not upsetting them.“It’s like family,” Diggs said, referring to Black women.

But I think any psychiatrist or therapist would probably say, it’s probably textbook.”Many Black women are responding to Diggs’ claims on social media, basically saying that no one cares who he dates: No one had a problem with Taye Diggs dating white women.

He tried to fetishize his biracial son and deny his blackness.

It does not matter that you were on the ground in East St.

Louis, That you stood vigil for Troy and Trayvon long before Black Lives Matter?

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