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If you are using the listed version or a higher one, then you need to update. A: We are not aware of similar vulnerabilities in older versions.

If you are using a version prior to 2016.1.x, read below for download links.

All versions published there contain the security update or are not affected by these two specific vulnerabilities. Updates for Android Studio 1.5.x and 2.x should be available already. Q: I’d like to be notified about security vulnerabilities in future. UPDATE: If you’re running on OS X and the IDE doesn’t start after installing the update, please refer to for workarounds Jet Brains Team Hi, I run version 10.0.2, our company license was valid until November 2015.

Please contact the vendor of the IDE for an update. Q: I’m developing a plugin for IDEs built on Intelli J Platform. You write me, I have to update, even older versions, so I downloaded and started the update, but I can’t unlock it, neither the key works nor the login with credentials. I don’t understand, why you make such a big thing out of this update, when you then don’t allow me to run the program (I am not starting a 30-days-try-out-time now and I am pretty sure, that the company won’t pay again at the moment…). I stopped Php Storm, and started the old version (as I was not able to put in the key for the new one).

Still, a possibility of vulnerabilities in older versions exists, which is why we recommend upgrading your IDE if it was released more than 3 years ago. A: Re Sharper, Re Sharper C , dot Cover, dot Memory, dot Trace, dot Peek, Team City, You Track, Upsource and Hub are not affected and do not need this security update. A: Make sure to merge the latest changes from the corresponding branch of intellij-community: the “129”, “131”, .. “145.*” builds correspondingly and “master” for the “146.*” or “162.*” builds.) For details please contact [email protected] the partner team at [email protected] any questions or concerns.

Q: I need a full download rather than a patch for an earlier version of the IDE. A: Check the previous versions page for your product below. A: Please contact us about the problems that prevent you from updating. Q: I’m using an IDE built on Intelli J Platform but not from Jet Brains. A: We have been in contact with our partners building on Intelli J Platform.

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