Inexperienced with dating Freeadultchatonline

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Nowadays my inexperience in dating which is a result of this anxiety still keeps me from trying.Every time I notice a sign which makes me think I should go for it immediately I start to worry what if I am just seeing things.

you can even say things out loud to kind of ‘argue back’ to those anxious thoughts, i learned this in therapy and it 100% helps sounds like things are great between you two, and you deserve to really enjoy it.I hate to sound doom and gloomy but you will lose the good time you have right now together if you don't make a move within a reasonable period.I will never know if I don't go for it but what if she doesn't like me.I don't want to regret not trying it later but I am so nervous to take the next step. I can't go for a kiss because I am too afraid of being seen as a creep.

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