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Claire tries to dismiss it as sleepwalking, but he still remains unsure.

In Physical Ed, Jim thinks the idea of a double date would be a nice change of pace from imminent danger.

Jim continues to show many athletic escalations from his Trollhunter training while the boys discuss their plan for a successful night with the girls.

Toby points out that he's good with Darci, but Jim has never actually been on a real date with Claire since missions don't count (they nearly kissed on the bluff during spring fling, until their final showdown with Angor Rot, and Jim went to Claire's barbecue, only to face an epic showdown from his own clones).

One thing they agree on is that Jim will not speak Spanish, as he always speaks Spanish when he gets nervous around Claire, and settle to keep it classy with dinner and a movie.

The only dreadful thing is Toby's three rules of "lovehunting": conversation from inspiration, physical contact (which will come in handy for the movie, "Danger House 2: More House, More Danger"), and never let them go to the bathroom together.

He sarcastically remarks that Dictatious must have foreseen this. Dictatious claims that the staff came to him in dream visions, but Gunmar immediately recognizes that he was lying all along, as the Pale Lady also told him about Dictatious being a fraud.

He tries to apologize for leaving and explain his reasons, but she slams the door right away.

Not Enrique notices how chipper she is that morning, and she tells him she feels like she slept a hundred hours.

However, Not Enrique is skeptical, as he finds Claire's Shadow Staff lying around, as she always keeps it in her backpack.

Jim, Toby, and Darci all agree and leave for class while Claire puts her books in her locker, and she is startled to find Not Enrique hiding inside.

He says he's been keeping an eye on her, and tries to tell her that a double date may not be such a wise idea, considering how weird she's been acting as of late.

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