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Learn more about your situation before making decisions that may harm you or your family bit.ly/Public Charge FAQ #Protect Families pic.twitter.com/dg9794Cvad Los programas utilizados por sus hijos ciudadanos estadounidenses no se usarán contra usted.

citizen children are not subject to the public charge rule.

#Put Families First Text CLOSECAMPS to 802495 pic.twitter.com/YUj XKikd VZ REALIDAD: La regla de #Carga Pública aumentará el hambre infantil, la pobreza infantil, la falta de vivienda y las disparidades raciales en nuestro país. #Protect Families pic.twitter.com/MNVb ETpgm V FACT: The #Public Charge rule will increase child hunger, child poverty, homelessness, poor health outcomes, and racial disparities in our country. #Protect Families pic.twitter.com/mha Ag UJTIj Not all #DACA recipients can afford to pay 5 to renew their work permit. Support young immigrants pay for their renewal fee: pic.twitter.com/7l94tuiu Y3 Can this administration sink any lower than threatening to deport kids with cancer? I won’t find this medical care for him there.” -Marie, mother of 13-yo with sickle cell anemia #Immigrant Justice #Put Families First bostonglobe.com/opinion/editor…

“When people delay getting care, ultimately they end up in the emergency room.

These executive orders are not only about building a wall.

#protectfamilies pic.twitter.com/NNMQ5m5yo4 “Many of our members have already witnessed this chilling effect among their own patients, with patients avoiding health services and programs out of fear." — Joint statement by doctors #Protect Families Call Congress: 1-866-584-3962 phoenixnewtimes.com/news/doctors-n…

S., regardless of immigration status, have rights under the U. Review the information below to help you understand what your rights are and what to do in different situations.

Make sure you know your rights if you are approached by police or ICE.

Check out this infographic timeline to see where we are with these immigration executive orders and our fight back: Download EXECUTIVE ORDER ON “MUSLIM BAN” On January 27, just two days after the announcement of two anti-immigrant executive orders, President Trump announced an executive order, called the “Muslim Ban”.

Here’s what this order does: EXECUTIVE ORDERS ON INTERIOR AND BORDER ENFORCEMENT On January 25, President Trump announced two immigration executive orders on interior and border enforcement that wrongly focus deportation priorities on hardworking immigrant and expands the number of ICE and Border Patrol agents.

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