How to use the the fractionation technique in dating

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repeatedly, over time, until she gets totally, hopelessly addicted to you.

A “trance” is that semi-hypnotic state where she “loses herself” in the moment and pays full attention to you.

Fractionation is a technique developed and popularized by Derek Rake.

It’s central to his patented Shogun Method system of dating and seduction.

the idea of merely getting women into bed as quickly and easily as possible… That, as the vast majority of “Pickup Artists” learn the hard way, does lead to happiness.

Instead, it only leads to pain, frustration, sex addiction, loneliness, and depression.

And every Shogun Method practitioner’s goal is simple: Most men either never realize this before they die or learn it much too late. Here’s the thing: Fractionation is actually everywhere. Fractionation is in politics, advertising, entertainment, and even religion. Imagine if you could make women stop thinking logically…

Specifically, you’ll learn about that one “quick win” Mind Control technique which will give you the ability to put any woman under your ) you desire. Given a number of fine points inside this guide, it’s quite hard to remember everything…

especially when you’re in the high-pressure situation with the woman that you want to seduce. 🙂 I’ve created a of sorts for this article which you can download for free.

The Fractionation process will take some time, but exactly how much time is up to you.

You can make her feel totally addicted to you in just a few moments, or you can spread things out over several dates. Fractionation is most easily carried out with a process called “rollercoastering.” It means putting a woman through alternating emotional highs and lows: It’s the same rollercoaster you ride when getting addicted to a political figure, drug, or show.

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