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Click on "Start a post" to begin typing news or other information to share with your Linked In network.Linked In also offers you the ability to share a photo (or other image), share a video, or upload a document to Linked In, depending on which of the left 3 icons in the image above.If you click on the "Write an article on Linked In" link, a Linked In blog form page will open, allowing you to add an article to your Profile.[Please note that Linked In continuously changes and rearranges functionality and features to improve the user experience, and they don't roll out those changes to everyone at once.If you’re in a "stealth job search," the last thing you want to do is alert your current employer to the fact that you’re looking.So, take precautions to keep people from noticing that you’re working on your Profile content, a telltale sign that you may be looking for a new job.As of this writing, you post an update by typing in the block that appears at the very top of the center column (shown below).

Currently (summer, 2019), you update (or change) the content in your Linked In Profile by clicking on "Me" in the menu along the very top of your Profile, and then clicking on "View Profile." You can then access the various Profile sections to make edits and/or changes.Once you start typing in an update box, a drop-down menu next to "Post Settings" will appear at the bottom of the box.Options include "Public," "Public Twitter," and "Connections." Selecting "Public" gives your update the most exposure because, as Linked In Help says, your post may appear on: In most cases, the Public option is the best choice.If you answered "No" to either or both of these questions, and you are in a job search, take time to work on building out your Linked In Profile with content that will support your brand and attract your target employers.Remember this: More content in your Profile = more relevant keywords = better visibility and credibility for you as a candidate.

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