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If refreshing cells meets your needs, then don't use redraw rows.

A row redraw will rip the row out of the DOM and draw it again from scratch.

The simplest is to call with no parameters which will refresh all cells using change detection (change detection means it will only refresh cells who's values have changed).

Below shows calling You may be wondering why would you want to force refresh, what is the point in refreshing a cell that has no changes?

Deferred(); db.transaction(function(tx) ); return def.promise(); On Jun 14, 2015, at AM, Artem Tabalin [email protected]: Yep, but return only updated item (not all items).

update Item: function(item) Of course, if your script returns updated item you don't have to use verbose code and just return ajax promise: update Item: function(item) — Reply to this email directly or view it on Git Hub #47 (comment).

Microsoft has made the update operation very simple to accomplish, however, the insert and delete are not that simple.

Redraw rows is a much heavier operation than refreshing cells.Here is what I am using, perhaps I am doing something wrong here?update Item: function(updating Client) { var db = Database("Database", "1.0", "My Db", 200000); db.transaction(function(tx) ); var feeds = ""; var def = $.I was wondering if there is an easy way to refresh the grid on update?Currently it just displays whatever value I have entered to the field on update.

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