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Arizona's "winter" consisted of 70-80 degree days and 60's at night, almost COOL by South-west standards.The rain made it not as much fun, but you didn't have to shovel it, and going for a ride, day or night, you only needed your vest or to leave your jacket un-zipped.Working for a man by the name of Crash Simpson, Barton Blaze and his son Johnny became accustomed to the life of a carnival.When Barton Blaze suddenly died, Johnny's world was turned upside down as he lost the last of his family.However he continued to practice and improve his riding, despite the promise he had made. One day as Johnny was practicing, Roxanne stumbled into the tent where he was.Upon doing so, she discovered that Johnny knew how to ride.

Cage made similar comments in a chat with Joblo earlier this year.

I used to drag race my "crotch-rocket" bike, on Saturday nights at Phoenix Fire Bird Raceway.

Those wild and crazy days are behind me, and I survived !

After those words, she passed away - making them the last words she would ever speak in this life.

Keeping his promise to Mona, Johnny never rode in a motorcycle show.

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