Girl in att 4g speed dating commercial

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In a court filing yesterday, T-Mobile responded to the state AGs lawsuit by arguing that Sprint has been steadily losing both subscribers and marketshare. [read full article] We’ve seen a few Alcatel tablets hit T-Mobile shelves over the years, and now it looks like another model is coming soon. Images shared by Evan Blass show a pretty plain-looking black tablet with “4G LTE” in its status bar and an Alcatel logo on its backside.Specs for the Alcatel Joy Tab aren’t included in today’s leak, but we can see front and rear cameras as …And it's still a question as to whether the cellular tech may show up in an i Phone by 2020.Apple likes to wait to get the kinks out of emerging technologies before committing them to its products.T-Mobile is now updating its Galaxy S10, Galaxy S10 , and Galaxy S10e.The updates are each around 600MB in size and include the August 1, 2019 Android security patches.Another Android phone is getting its serving of Pie from T-Mobile this week.

Starting today, anyone on a different carrier can sign up to receive a free Coolpad Surf mobile hotspot that they can to try out T-Mobile’s network for up to 30 days or 30GB of data usage. [read full article] Following a couple of teasers from Google, we may be getting a full look at the Pixel 4 in the flesh.Starting today, August 28, T-Mobile customers with an eligible e SIM-capable phone can visit a T-Mo store to get their e SIM set up.T-Mobile says that the the current phones that are compatible with its e SIM offering include the i Phone XS, XS Max, and XR.Verizon will launch its 5G Home wireless broadband service next month.Sprint and LG want to bring out the first smartphone using the next-generation technology. It's a good bet that the consumer electronics titan, which on Wednesday unveiled three new i Phones and a new Apple Watch, will opt out of putting 5G into its next i Phone.

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