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ROMEO continues to build a sex-positive online experience as some other dating sites and apps become less welcoming to specific gender identities and sexualities.Since its founding more than 16 years ago, ROMEO, a dating site for gay, bisexual, and trans people, has been entirely user focused.Most of the company’s employees are also members of the LGBTI community.Further, the site doesn’t have investors, so ROMEO isn’t beholden to following stock market trends to pay dividends and stay viable.For example, Jens said one major blog platform decided to censor all blog entries containing what it determined was pornography.“That dramatic decision to censor billions of blog entries meant a lot of gay users might have felt cut off or abandoned,” he told us.ROMEO’s team is passionate about listening to its users because they see the platform as an advocate for gay men online, serving as a place where they can both feel comfortable and see themselves reflected.

Investigators say that Mc Loone stole the cash over seven years from St Joseph Catholic Church, one of the largest parishes in the Philadelphia Archdiocese.

Investigators say Mc Loone opened an off-the-books “St Joseph Activity Account” on November 2, 2011, his first All Souls Day as pastor there.

Over the next six years, he deposited more than 5,000 in parish cheques – including nearly ,000 in All Souls collections, which parishioners traditionally donate to honour deceased family and friends – into the account.

He awaits a preliminary hearing scheduled for September 18.

The Scoop: After more than 16 years in the online dating industry, gay dating site ROMEO is still thriving.

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