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There actually is a company called Ameriprise so they have chosen a legitimate sounding name, just changed one letter- They are sneakier than some of these scammers who are stupid enough to put right in the letter that you should send them a processing fee- These guys don't- They rely on curiosity, figure when you call they will smooth talk you into believing they are legit-I'm not surprised that someone reported hearing a foreign accent- Some such letters I've received from other scammers read as if written by someone whose first language is NOT English, so they could originate anywhere-I agree these people should be stopped- A lot of us could sure use , or , in this economy, and these scammers I think get especially active when they know people are vulnerable- Hey, I occasionally buy a few lottery tickets or enter sweepstakes where the payout is a year or more away, and just forget about them- So it's tempting to hope it's real- But it isn'trec'd a txt msg "PLEASE CALL"first thing to do is research the number on the web don't ever give in to calling back a number you do not recognize, especially from a text message- FLORIDA IS FULL OF SCAMMERSTHIS IS A SCAM THEY TELL YOU THAT YOU WON A GRANT OF , OR MORE AND THEY GIVE YOU AN ID AND ASK YOU TO CALL ANOTHER NUMBER , WHICH IS THEIR MANAGER IN CHARGE OF GETTING THE MONEY INTO YOUR ACCOUNT- WARNING COMPLETE FRAUDTHEY ASK FOR A ONE TIME SECURITY DEPOSIT OF WHICH IS SUPPOSE TO BE REFUNDED ONCE YOUR MONEY IS IN YOUR ACCOUNT FRAUDKeep getting call from this number saying I owe the bank money but I ask the person on phone for name business they won't give it out and they say I need to pay with credit card -they told me I was going to jail for this-I want it to stop calling me everyday Interstate and International Movers Mc Allen Ash Ave, Mc Allen, TX () - ? Categories: Mover, Movers, Local Movers, International Movers, Interstate Movers Offering a pre-approval for personal loan and insisting on getting my banking information and asks for money to secure the loan- E-mail sent with official looking documents the followed up with a phone call with the same information as the documentation- Heavy heavy accent, hard to understand This number called my cell phone at about noon, left no message- I activated call back but got a recording that said that the number had been disconnected or was no longer in service, to please check my directory and try my call again- Then there was a loud busy signal- The ID said: New Jersey My company just rec'd the same fax- Asking for a price quote on a large quantity of very expensive HP toners- I felt suspicious, so I googled the company and found all of these postings- Thanks so much They sent letter claiming to be from BNY Mellon and said they had no W- on file for my acct (which i don't have with them)- Gave this number to call so they could give my info- Tossed the notice in the trash The Do Not Call Registry works on voluntary compliance like speed limit signs on highways- Honest telemarketers honor the Registry, abusive telemarketers and scammers do not- Conversely, if you are on the Registry and you receive telemarketing calls, you may be sure they are from abusive telemarketers or scammersi dont know who these jerks are but they call real late at night and they are asking for the wrong person- you dont have permission to call me by law you need it-after feb you will have to have my permission in writing Scammer with automated male voice saying an IRS case of tax fraud is being opened. I recieved a call from this number- I am jobless so thought it was a job opportunity- It was but i am very cautious but wanted to hear what it was about- This job was about creating leads for Master card and Visa- Wanting me to give them names and addresses of local vendors- Seems simple enough right?The real IRS has my mailing address already and there is a local office in my city. When I called the asian lady who answered on that point they hung up and refused any further attempts by me to call back. Well it as a definite scam- I asked them to call me back in an hour- I looked up this number and spoke to a REAL mastercard representative who stated that they never heard of a job like this- I mean,that job could easily be replaced with a phonebook- They initial contact was by a female stateing she had a great opportunity for Visa MC holders- Then she sent me to the "closer"- He tried to make it seem so easy to make money-then he stated to get involved I had to pay - to start the job- I said this is a scam and he hung up immediately- A return call met with a voicemail of a sweet older woman asking to leave a message- SCAM SCAM SCAM People are just waiting to prey on others in these times of recession- Needless to say I could think of many ways to show my appreciation of this call, however they are just cowards and scammers- Im glad i didnt fall prey to this but If there is thing i learned from this-it is that i need to do research on unknown numbers before giving any information out Calls have been coming for a few days- The first calls were sent to my voicemail- I got calls this morning while driving to work- They appear to be calling my Google Voice number, but when they called this morning and I answered (not recognizing the number) all I got was a to accept the call and to leave a message- Sounds suspicious to me This number called me and told me that a "friend" requested that I join a website called Noknok- This was obviously a scam, as I have not linked my phone number to any service that would offer me such a notification I have recieved several calls from this number at my work and even on my personal cellphone- This person called me on Thanksgiving- He's left threatening messages saying "a legal matter has been filed against my name-" How can I get these people to stop calling me?and I think he needs to be stopped They called one of my coworkers and asked for me and then when he said that he wasn't me that started asking him if information was correct and asking him to make a payment that isn't even late- The next day they called back from a new york number and did the same thing- How they got my co-works cell number and my name together i have no idea-this has to be against the law some how doesn't it? I wondered)- If you want to find out the owner of the number, there are internet site agencies that will sell the info for a small fee to those interested in pursuing it further- One such ssite gave sosme free info on it: It is an unpublished number, it is a landline with the phone company "Cavalier Telephone", it is a landline located in Mechanicsville, Hanover County VA- I did not pay for the rest, I'll just turn this over to the Feds and let my tax dollars do the work It's okay to shoot these telemarketing terrorists since they don't respect the law- Its open season when they start harassing people who are on the Do Not Call List- Lock and load- full metal jacket Yippee Yigh Yeahcall from symantec, used ee- He did not fix my computer - I looked up ee and found fraud AND that symantec quit using them- Apparently rd party outsourcing from India- can anyone tell me if it is legit?

"It happens so rarely that we didn't even bother building in a feature for customers to tell us it happened. I've been doing this a year and I have yet to get an error.

Customers walk into the store and scan their cellphones before selecting items off the shelves and walking out.

Hundreds of cameras and automated scanners follow shoppers around the store and scan everything they pick up.

free airline tickets- called number just for the heck of it- This number called me back, had "Lancaster" as the ID- didn't leave message, so I looked it up and found the comments on this site I received a text from this # for a laptop I am selling, It's happened twice from this # and another # that I did not trace- Same thing wanted me to set up a pay pal- I told them only way I would part is if they wired the Western Union- Never spike to them just sent texts @@@ SCAM SCAM SCAMthey call all the time but I never pick up- They don't leave messages- I'm getting really frustrated- I live in a really remote area with a weird phone line, so it's extremely odd that they got my number at all- What gives?

I get a phone call every day from this company saying they are calling about my Lowe's account which I don't have- The social security number & birthday don't match up so I told them they have the wrong person & they need to take me off the list & they say they will but I still get calls every day This # , called me claiming they were Western Union asking for someone that does not live here- I told them no one lived here by that name and the person I the other end called me a nasty name Luckily my children didn't answer- The phone company gave me the national do not call number , and I reregistered my land line hopefully this doesn't happen again I received a call that was recorded on my answering machine on Friday Nov- , @ : PM- No message was left- Since I live in Ontario Canada and knowing this was not a Canadian area code I google the number and located this web site If you're answering the calls, they are still getting something from you- It may not be the information they want, but a working phone number with an answer of any kind is sometimes enough- Ignore the call They called me regarding my student loans I have- I told them to not call again and if the do I was going to sue them for harassment and the phone operator started to get huffy like "your going to sue me" than I hung up on them- I hope they don't call again otherwise they are going to get the cussing of a lifetime-David I received a message from -* directing me to a web site www-forquickmoney-com this site doesn't does not resolve nor can you find in a who is data base- It is a get rich quick scheme - The idoats even called my number Thanks Had Enough for the Number: , I was getting calls from this number many times a week and they let it ring or times and disconnect, caller ID says "Unknown Name"- I called the # and punched for customer service- A guy who barely spoke English answered and I complained about it and he said he would enter my number into their do not call data base- So like you say, we'll see what happens- We too have been on the do not call registry for years This scam has been posted on various news sites-Just an FYI: I was told by one of the lawyers in my office that "IF" the charges were even true, the State Department and or a company would have your wages garnished before they would ever pay the cost of having "papers served"over the entire xmas break I got a call from this number and they always called while I was asleep and I woke up early to answer it and they hung up- a few days before when I answered the lady said she was looking for some buisness- I answered it once and there was no reply so I said plaeas leave me the hell alone and stop calling me and I havnt gotten anymore calls from them A very hard person to understand and will NOT hang up the phone and will not tell you what he wants, he only wants your full name to make an appointment and when I told him no im not giving you a name he hung up It is Discover card trying to sell credit protection- When we confronted them about the number that has called everyday for a week, they said they would put us on the do not call- Hmmm now this number called today- Seems they only put us on the Atlanta do not call so now we have to deal with NJ- It's a telemarketer- Call Discover and tell them to stop Received this call but did not answer- Tried to call it back, but caller must have "incoming" calls blocked as the dial tone did not work even after calling that number several times- It is nice to find out who the "unknown caller" is which was accomplished by going to this site I got the same message and immediately realized that this is a scam because I have never participated any lotteries or games, and I have never used Apple products what makes it impossible to win i Pad- Don`t trust this- Stay away Mr- Pope called me at my job, and cell phone- He claimed to have spoken to someone in my Human Resources Department to try to place a garnishment on my check- HR says they never got a call from anyone regarding this fake debt from - My payday loan was not only paid in full, I also have a letter stating that from when it was paid- Be careful and don't be bullied by these people OPERATOR SAID THEY COULD NOT DISCLOSE ANY INFORMATION JUST THAT THEY ARE TRYING TO COLLECT A DEBT AND WANTED ME TO MAKE A PAYMENT TODAY AND WHEN I SAID I COULDN'T THEY SAID THEY DONT KNOW WHAT FURTHER ACTION THEIR CLIENT WILL TAKEI received the same message- I did some searching and although I couldn't find anything about the Target Card, I did find information about the website the link takes you to- The website is myrewardsgo-com- I found a website talking about free Ipads that were scams that list the website my rewardsgo-com on it- If you want to check out the link its wafflesatnoon-com the-winner-of-the-day-free-gift-scam Treavor London and John Thompson with BWC Group say I got a payday loan from castle payday, on jan , - He gave me a bank acct number and verified my information- I told him I would contact the bank- My Bank doesn't even have that bank account number so I know it is a fake and all he wants is money today- Told him to go ahead with the proceedings and take me to court, if he sees fit- This is a scam OFFENDER: DENIS KALTCHEV (Former Olympic Swimmer from Bulgaria) CASE # A OFFENSE: FRAUD - THEFT ILLINOIS DRIVER LICENSE # K, LOCATION: MONTGOMERY COUNTY SHERIFF'S OFFICE (HOUSTON, TX) ????????????

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