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But not without looking at the contributing factors for the rising need. One of the biggest real plague in the movie world which affects both quality and satisfaction derived from a movie (asides embedded factors such as poor production, budget, and plot) is piracy.

I don’t know about you, but I won’t watch a movie with a compromised delivery and quality.

Before now, many copyright holders and website owners would request for a right of access before anyone could use their product or service.

After all, the sole purpose of their business is to make some money without which their company may come to a close.

While some have blamed it on the cost of the subscription to individual websites, others aren’t just used to conforming to rules and regulations. Piracy and copyright infringement are two words I have accustomed myself to since I started using the internet.

In simple terms, you infringe on copyright when you do not use someone’s innovation according to their prescription.

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