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So start enjoying a little foreplay, or masturbation if alone, and really get in the mood.

Don’t be tight; you’re going to need plenty of lube for this anal activity.

A perfect tool for predicament bondage, an anal hook not only leaves the slave bound and helpless, it also means they can only move between a limited number of positions. This is a type of edge play, putting the submissive between a ‘rock and a hard place’.

One thing’s for sure; you never get a bum deal when it comes to this type of hook-up!

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As with any anal play, it’s always a good idea for the submissive to go for a number 2 before getting started. If so, please make sure that it is not sooner than 3-4 hours before getting started.

The success of a hook when used in this manner is determined by the wearer’s body shape and flexibility.

Not only will the hook keep slaves in a certain position, moving only in ways that please their Dominant, it will also provide intense stimulation as it tantalises those nerve endings and the prostate (only men, of course).

Avoid desensitising lubes; it is important that you’re aware if something is awry. Now you’ve liberally applied your lube, insert 1-2 fingers and start to move them around, slowly tantalising the nerves and stimulating the anus so it’s ready for what is about to come.

Then, whilst they are laid on their side or stomach, slowly work in the hook.

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