Foxpro server sql updating

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Or do you think of the remote views as foxpro data? Hello everyone, I've been chasing my tail here for a while and could use some help.The command is the second parameter (the INSERT command in your example).However, the command in question has to be one that is recognised by the back-end database.Since MEMVAR is a Visual Fox Pro keyword, there's no way that any other back-end will recognise it.You have to construct the command using the actual field names in the table, something like this"Also, the first parameter to SQLEXEC() isn't a connection string, as per your example.

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Historically, I have used tableupdate() to update foxpro data to sql.I have a Fox Pro exe that runs a bunch of queries and puts them in a cursor.In the end the exe copies the final cursor into a dbf but I want it now to put the data into a SQL table.However, I am running up against the 2gb limit and from a prior post it was suggested to use sqlexec() instead of table update.Unfortunately, I have not found anything right on point and being new to this I was hoping for some input The structure of the sql table and foxpro table are the same.

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