Flash actionscript updating text on a different timeline

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A symbol is a graphic, button, or movie clip that you create once in the Animate authoring environment or by using the Simple Button (AS 3.0) and Movie Clip classes.You can then reuse the symbol throughout your document or in other documents.An instance is a copy of a symbol located on the Stage or nested inside another symbol.An instance can be different from its parent symbol in color, size, and function.In contrast, a movie clip symbol has its own independent Timeline.Animated graphic symbols, because they use the same Timeline as the main document, display their animation in document-editing mode.

This is in contrast to a dynamic text field which will only display information, and will not allow the user to alter that information. In this article, we're going to learn how to work with input text fields in Action Script 3. Select the first frame and then launch the Actions Panel.

If you'd like the focus to move to the input text field right away, then can use the var input Field: Text Field = new Text Field(); add Child(input Field); input Field.border = true; input Field.width = 200; input Field.height = 150; input Field.x = 75; input Field.y = 50; input = "input"; input Field.multiline = true; stage.focus = input Field; NOTE: In some cases, even if you have keyboard shortcuts disabled, testing input text fields within the Flash test movie environment can still get buggy.

Personally, what I do is I make sure that the Flash movie is saved, then I test the movie in order to generate a SWF file in the same folder where the FLA file is saved.

Editing the symbol updates all of its instances, but applying effects to an instance of a symbol updates only that instance.

Use movie clip symbols to create reusable pieces of animation in Adobe Animate.

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