Faulting application when updating sub table

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Example a CA event is to deplay the Visual Studio 2008 runtime.If this is part of one of the developed applications this could be the source.mfr=true If there is additional ISAPI Filter , you can remove it temporary to see if address issue. HCamper for responding, AVG File server 2011 server version.Also, try disable ASP server-side script debugging to see if it helps. I added the the 2 app pool websites as exceptions but the Script Engine errors just keep coming.The past week & a half around 1am these Script Engine errors will get thrown in the hundreds and then the next 5 hours or so exactly once an hour to the second, then variable times throughout the rest of the day until 1am rolls around again.

Thank you for your help Hello, I am see that your trying to deal with a lot of problems.Hope that stops the production server from crashing every couple days until I can figure out the problem.I tried using iisstate to attached to IIS worker processes but it didn't work. There are backups for the COM objects and website which I may try restoring that even though the problem has been ongoing for quite some time and I don't think it will work. If I am on shorly before 1am with procmon and monitoring every IIS worker process tied to my app pool that is crashing will that give me anything that I could work with to find out what the heck is going on ???You can find the information at Technet and Scurity for what are possible problems related to patches and updates.You may based on the Technet information provides decide to uninstall some of the patches. LOL Martin :) Hi, Please check IIS configuration to see if additional ISAP Filter installed, you can refer to: Checking ISAPI Filter Status (IIS 6.0) Server2003/Library/IIS/54c41c83-3723-4695-9bf1-9f7b1f674be0.mspx?

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