Evoldating Hombres por cam

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The legs were fully extended and parallel to each other. The typical Folsom point is rather rare, but many so-called generalized Folsom or Folsomoid points have been found in scattered localities in the Eastern United States. Though the head was slightly inclined toward the right side (east), the face tended to look toward the foot of the grave (north). There is a long shal- low groove on each side, extending to near the tip. The head of this individual was at the southern margin of a roughly rectangular grave area having its long axis in north-south direction. The base is ccncave with a blunt -point on each side.




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The topmost layer of bones occupied a position three feet w r ider (in an east-west direction) than the second layer, while the second layer ex- tended three feet farther in a southerly direction than did the topmost layer. Whiteford Warren Wittry TREASURER vnur Niehoff, Milwaukee Public Museum, Milwaukee 3, Wis. 7, 8, and 9, but in late years have vanished completely.

Here it became clear that we were dealing with a complex, multiple interment. Numbers 10, 11, and 12 were conicals of approximately the same size as Nos.

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